The booking platform of the future: vacation rentals in the Web 3.0 and gaining back control over distribution

by | Jul 20, 2020 | Operations, Supply & Demand, Talks

In this panel organised by TripsCommunity, AJL Atelier’s own Simon Lehmann and other vacation rental experts talk about the future of distribution in the short-term rentals space.

For better or for worse, the current status has helped to democratise home rentals to the wider public. But is it fair for all actors involved, or do OTAs have too much power?

Questions covered in the panel

What could the booking of the platform of the future look like?

Are OTAs really bad, because vacation rentals operators are losing control over their distribution, or are they actually doing a good job to promote vacation rentals? Would a model like a guest membership fee à la Bidroom work as an option?

What can book direct strategies for short-term rentals look like?

If tomorrow Brian Chesky calls you asking you to run Airbnb with the guest in mind, what would you change?

Quick summary of the context

Web 1.0 was easy to read and hard to write. Homeaway was the major player. It amounted to not much more than a listing site, leaving the transaction to the parties.

Web 2.0 is easy to read and write. Airbnb started a revolution by making things easier. It completely owns the transaction and Hosts and PM have little control.

Web 3.0 isn’t there yet, and it’s our chance to think it up. It will bring back power to the users, who will own the account, the listings, the reviews and the transactions. They will even own the platforms.

Panel participants

In this panel we have some major voices in the Short Term Rentals industry:

  • Matt Landau (VRMB),
  • Vanessa Souza De Lage (Rentals United),
  • Simon Lehman (AJL Consulting)
  • Richard Vaughton (Yes Consulting)

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