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Founder & CEO, Keynote Speaker, Board Member, Serial Angel Investor

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Contact Simon and the AJL Atelier team to help your business grow profitably, thanks to his unparalleled experience in vacation rentals

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Simon Lehmann is invited to speak at a many short-term rental and vacation rental events to share his experience and expertise on travel trends, proptech landscape, and more technical talks on market fragmentation and M&A perspectives.

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Our approach is refreshingly simple and personal. As a boutique consultancy, we care about your goals, and will work on your terms to help you get there. As experts in vacation rental, we make sure to think of every possible lever to help you grow profitably.

Conference topics Simon speaks to

Simon can easily approach any topic related to short-term rental and vacation rental, thanks to his 20+ years of experience in the sector. He can present in person or virtually as a keynote speaker, a panel moderator or workshop leader, and adapt his content to your event’s needs.

Simon Lehmann speaking at a major event


> The future of the travel industry
> What’s the state of vacation rental today?
> Homes vs Hotels: digital distribution & millennial travel
> Innovation in travel, from shared homes to shared experiences

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> How new forms of rental change residential property
> The future of tech stack for property firms
> Fragmentation and profitability in vacation rental
> Scaling growth in property management

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Simon Lehmann on a main stage as a speaker

"Simon is always fundamental"

“As the Godfather of the Industry, Simon is always a fundamental help to get you in touch with who really matters in the alternative accommodation space. His experience is unparalleled as well as his take and his pulse on the industry. Simon’s ability to take the stage is second to none and I’m grateful for his contribution in taking the Vacation Rental World Summit to the next level.”

Antonio Bortolotti, Host

Vacation Rental World Summit


"His keynote was a masterpiece"

“Few people could frame the global business case for flexible rentals like Simon Lehmann, and none with his experience and credibility. And great presentation style.


His keynote for the Flexible Rentals Investment Conference was a masterpiece of historical context, current data, up-to-the-minute deal information and strategies and partners for success. Our multifamily industry audience love him and eagerly sought him out afterward for more information.


Mostly highly recommended.”

Steve Lefkovits, Executive Producer



"I wished it were longer"

“Simon’s keynote was the opening of the ASSC’s 2019 Conference. It was the ASSC’s biggest-ever conference to date, looking at Self-Catering: a Bright Global Future. What better way to open the conference.  


Simon’s presentation was inspiring, amusing and thought provoking and its clear that he’s a key leader in the field, with unparalleled passion and knowledge about the industry.

Feedback from attendees praised the presentation and content, with one who “wished it was longer.”

There is no doubt that our members would have taken away some key messages for consideration.”

Fiona Campbell, Chief Executive



Meet the rest of the AJL Atelier team

Leading and emerging firms in the travel and property industries have called on the AJL Atelier expertise to reach their goals. From strategic reviews to mergers and acquisitions, and through every possible lever of profitable growth.

Team AJL Atelier - Simon Lehmann CEO & Founder


Founder & CEO, Keynote Speaker, Board Member, Serial Angel Investor

Team AJL Atelier - Cristina Lehmann Head of People & Founder


Founder, Head of People & Administration

Team AJL Atelier - Nicolas Galantini Senior Account Manager


Vacation Rental Consultant & Senior Account Manager

Team AJL Atelier - Ezio Alabanese Pricing Expert


Pricing Solutions Architect, Tech & Pricing Expert