Top financial advisory for the Europe short-term rental industry

Together with Paris-based Cambon Partners, AJL Atelier offers clients in the short-term rental industry in Europe trusted financial advisory, from fundraise to exists to mergers and acquisition (M&A).

We work with visionary partners

With dozens of operations every year, from fundraising to mergers and acquisition to exits, we are experts in vacation rental financial advisory. We operate remote and from offices in London, Paris, San Francisco, Beijing, Barcelona and Switzerland.

Trusted, specialised financial advisory

Together with Paris-based Cambon Partners, a leading start-up, scale-up and tech financial consulting firm, we offer clients trusted financial advisory, from mergers and acquisition to various capital raising solutions.

AJL Atelier

Unrivalled expertise and track record in the vacation rentals and short-term rental industries

Partner logo of AJL Atelier and Cambon Partners on financial services

Cambon Partners

250+ financial transactions from tech to e-commerce, travel and hospitality, and insurance / fintech.

We also create dedicated solutions for vacation rentals needs

Thanks to our consultancy work, we have a unique insight into the biggest challenges facing the short-term rental industry. That’s why we’ve created a series of razored-focused solutions to solve pressing needs, from AJL Profitability Solutions and AJL Financial Advisory to AJL Education and AJL Talent.

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Strategic Consulting

We help industry players growing sustainably and optimising profitably.

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Financial Advisory

We advise vacation rentals companies about raising funds, acquiring others or exit strategies.

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Profitability Solutions

A mix of tech and consulting that is reinventing revenue management completely.

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Talent Recruitment

We connect promising profiles with mid to senior roles in the industry.

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Online Education

We create science-based, virtual micro-courses for short-term rentals pros.

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