The ultimate profitability solution for vacation rentals

AJL Profitability Solution is your complete solution to grow your short-term rental company sustainably. Its cost-based, profit-first approach is radically different, giving powerful pricing, insightful analysis, and revolutionary recommendations.

The future of pricing & modelling in short-term rentals

AJL Profitability Solution is the first all-in-one suite of tools to take a cost-based, profit-first approach. Where other tools focus on topline alone, we integrate your costs structure to price, analyse and predict accurately and sustainably. Profitability, sorted.

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Price for profit rather than just revenues: our algorithms take into account each property and each booking’s forecast revenue and costs before pricing

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We integrate, analyse and allocate your fixed and variable costs so as to give you a complete picture of your business, from topline to bottomline

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With powerful data and actionable insights, you can analyse profitability at portfolio or property level and predict where to grow next

68% of vacation rentals costs are variable

But most revenue management techniques optimise as if they were mostly fixed. Why? Because they use techniques inherited from hotels and airlines. AJL Profitability Solution is a radical new approach which embraces the variability of short-term rentals’ costs.

How AJL Profitability works

First, we help you configure properties and costs; pricing is refined, predictive modelling is activated.; Second we analyze the sales performance on a daily basis and provide pricing recommendations right away. Third, you can access your business’ key metrics and forecast, in near real time and understand the effects of strategical decisions on your bottom line.

This analytical approach enables you to understand the sustainability of the cost structure of your business and to formulate the right strategy in terms of profitability.

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Onboard your business

Gather all the relevant data for our proprietary algorithm to analyze your business, from your properties’ DNA to the costs you manage and how you manage them, we will leave no stones unturned on the road to profitability.

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Configure your business

We help you configure your portfolio and your business cost structure. Pricing is refined, and the power is unlocked: predictive modelling, forecasting, profit potential estimates…

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Decide strategically

Access your key business metrics from topline to bottomline in custom dashboards, and take strategic decisions with 100% of the info, rather than 60%.

Sneak peek at AJL Profitability features list

AJL Profitability Solutions answers your most burning questions, from the big picture “what’s our forecast profit for next month” to the details “what’s the best contract model for this new lead”. All in one place. All in one tool.

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We're vacation rental experts

Leading and emerging firms in the travel and property industries have called on our expertise to reach their goals. From strategic reviews to mergers and acquisitions, and through every possible lever of profitable growth.

Team AJL Atelier - Simon Lehmann CEO & Founder


Founder & CEO, Keynote Speaker, Board Member, Serial Angel Investor

Team AJL Atelier - Cristina Lehmann Head of People & Founder


Founder, Head of People & Administration

Team AJL Atelier - Nicolas Galantini Senior Account Manager


Head of Operations & Senior Consultant

Team AJL Atelier - Cristina Lehmann Head of People & Founder


Head of Sales & Account Management

Team AJL Atelier - Nicolas Galantini Senior Account Manager


Senior Consultant, M&A Advisor

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We also create dedicated solutions for vacation rentals needs

Thanks to our consultancy work, we have a unique insight into the biggest challenges facing the short-term rental industry. That’s why we’ve created a series of razored-focused solutions to solve pressing needs, from AJL Profitability Solutions and AJL Financial Advisory to AJL Education and AJL Talent.

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Strategic Consulting

We help industry players growing sustainably and optimising profitably.

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Financial Advisory

We advise vacation rentals companies about raising funds, acquiring others or exit strategies.

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Profitability Solutions

A mix of tech and consulting that is reinventing revenue management completely.

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Talent Recruitment

We connect promising profiles with mid to senior roles in the industry.

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Online Education

We create science-based, virtual micro-courses for short-term rentals pros.

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