First-class vacation rentals courses from top industry leaders & operators

In partnership with Hotel.School, AJL Atelier has created a series of exclusive courses dedicated to short-term rentals pros. They cover all essential aspects, from Ops to Revenue Management to Business Strategy.

Virtual learning, real-life results

Calling up on its network, AJL Atelier was able to assemble an all-star team of vacation rentals experts. For each topic, subject matter experts have created exclusive content reflective of their cutting-edge knowledge of the industry. It’s all delivered online, in a scientifically-proven micro-learning format that’s easy to follow, digest and apply.

Simon Lehmann's course on Hotel.School

Revenue & Profitability Management for the Vacation Rental Industry

by Simon Lehmann

Discover all the ins and outs of optimising your revenue, costs management and profit in vacation rentals. What makes it different to hotels? How to best approach each unit, and your portfolio? This, and more with master of the trade (and AJL Atelier’s own) Simon Lehmann.

Natasha Morgan's short term rental course

Operations Management for the Vacation Rental Industry

by Natasha Morgan

Learn everything about the operational side of running a vacation rental, from organising and working with your team to getting the most out of your daily procedures, deal with staffing effectively, safety & security, regulations, insurances and much more. The course includes several operational checklists to assist you in setting and maintaining standards within your business.

Natasha Morgan's short term rental course

Marketing for the Vacation Rental Industry

by Susan Tormollen

Learn the tools to be able to bring to life your companies’ unique attributes and strengths, providing you with a competitive edge in allowing your business to stand out from other accommodation offerings, both in your market and beyond. From your company’s mission and positioning all the way to building an efficient marketing plan, and everything in between.

Simon Lehmann's course on Hotel.School

Distribution for the Vacation Rental Industry

by Sarah Franzen

We will dive into your customers and where to find them. We will look deep into channel strategy and how to choose and manage an OTA. We will talk about channel optimization and what you need to do optimize your performance.We will look closer at main players such as Booking, VRBO, Airbnb and Expedia. We will also guide you thru different cancellation policies, GDS for VR and look at niche channels.

Simon Lehmann's course on Hotel.School

Business Strategy for the Vacation Rental Industry

by Simon Lehmann

We will have a look in detail at the different business models in the sector as well as their challenges, advantages and disadvantages, as well as the approach to solve them by implementing practical measures.

Together, we are going to dive into what makes our industry so unique and how to make your very own company stand out from its competition.

Simon Lehmann's course on Hotel.School

Data & Technology for the Vacation Rental Industry

by Michael Driedger & Cliff Johnson

We look at the central role technology plays in running profitable vacation rental businesses, both strategically and operationally. Leveraging technology can increase efficiency and positively impact guest experiences. Additionally, technology allows managers to gain deeper insights into the business and to make better, data-driven strategic decisions.

AJL Atelier & Hotel.School

We partnered with Hotel.School, the next generation Swiss hospitality school, to create an exclusive series of short-term rentals courses. They’re led by some of the world’s top vacation rentals experts and aim to equip hospitality students and professionals with a robust understanding of vacations rentals, from the business model and strategy all the way to operations.

The Vacation Rentals Course Collection

As one of the fastest-growing segments of the hospitality industry, short-term rentals have been evolving fast to meet the needs of travellers in very diverse markets.

With this exclusive series from AJL Education x Hotel.School, the goal is to educate more hospitality students and professionals and equip them with the knowledge and tools to analyse, manage and operate successfull vcacation rentals businesses.

We also create dedicated solutions for vacation rentals needs

Thanks to our consultancy work, we have a unique insight into the biggest challenges facing the short-term rental industry. That’s why we’ve created a series of razored-focused solutions to solve pressing needs, from AJL Profitability Solutions and AJL Financial Advisory to AJL Education and AJL Talent.

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Strategic Consulting

We help industry players growing sustainably and optimising profitably.

icon of a plane, suitcase and globe

Financial Advisory

We advise vacation rentals companies about raising funds, acquiring others or exit strategies.

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Profitability Solutions

A mix of tech and consulting that is reinventing revenue management completely.

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Talent Recruitment

We connect promising profiles with mid to senior roles in the industry.

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Online Education

We create science-based, virtual micro-courses for short-term rentals pros.

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