The 2023 Short-Term Rental Technology Survey: State of the Nation

by | Aug 25, 2022 | Featured, Operations, Supply & Demand

Amongst other services, AJL Atelier has a key focus on helping STR property managers of all shapes and sizes to improve their operations, margins and long-term profitability.

The goal? Helping property managers to choose the best technology based on their real business needs.

So we are always on the look out for the latest innovation in the vacation rental industry. Solutions to real issues, operational needs, and tech that’s easy to install and scale for short-term rental operators and managers. Hence our annual state of the nation of all potential providers!

In addition, building strong working relationships with all technology providers in our space is key for us, to assess market trends, partnership opportunities and M+A advisory. We would love to include you in our global database and your input about your platform.

Technology in short-term rental is central: it drives high-value bookings, efficient operations, smooth communications & much more. Having the right people is awesome, but supporting with the right tech is just as important.

Simon Lehmann, Founder & CEO, AJL Atelier

Digital Guest Experience Technology Landscape

Short-Term Rental Guest Experience Technology is booming and AJL Atelier‘s research team is looking closely at providers and their next move. Below we explain what value they can add to a short-term rental company operations, and a comparison of the guest experience technology tech providers in 2022.

1. Why Tech Only Starts With Your PMS

5 reasons why you need more than a PMS to enable awesome short-term rental experiences

2. Map of Guest Experience Solutions

Some of the best digital guest experience providers out there that integrate with your existing tools seamlessly

3. Even PMS have come a long way

Plus, even PMS have evolved massively, with historic players progressing and newcomers bringing fresh takes

Why Technology Is About More Than Just Your PMS

  1.  🎯 can deliver a more focused offering compared to a PMS, specifically with integrated smart locks & IoT, wifi & house info, in-stay messaging, recommendations, and more.
  2. 💰 are also expanding to offer in-app upsell options, contributing to incremental revenue growth, and highlighting a clear ROI to the PMC.
  3. 🌳 hone in on enabling a property management company to have more control over their business, optimize guest retention, and deliver a consistent world-class experience to their number 1 asset.
  4. 🏨 partially managed to develop the hotel market, specifically boutique hotels. Next to product diversification and strong partnerships, technology convergence is increasing and seems to be a popular way to grow the business.
  5. 🌎 are not delivering on the guest’s demand for sustainable choices! We know that +85% of guests want to travel sustainably, but they lack choice → We encourage all providers to build sustainable options into the digital guest journey.

The 2022 Landscape in Guest Experience Solutions

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Property Management Systems (PMS) Technology Landscape 2022

See the a comparison of PMS players incl. founding year and team size below:

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