Rent Responsibly News: AJL Atelier x Raincatcher 360-degree business support

by | Aug 24, 2022 | Featured, Rent Responsibly, Strategy

Our partners at Rent Responsibly kindly featured the ground-breaking partnership between AJL Atelier and Raincatcher and detail the services offered to short-term rental operators. A quick extract below:

Financial sustainability is the key to the future of the vacation and short-term rentals industry. Instead of seeking out high-growth enterprises, investors are interested in positive cash flow and profitable property management businesses. The companies that grew big and burned cash are now a passing trend. 

“Competition is on the rise, while we are globally faced with high inflation, rising interest rates, and a slowing economy,” says AJL Atelier’s Simon Lehmann. “All considerations affect our industry, but it’s also proven to be resilient.”  

Projected growth will continue between 6 – 10 % annually on the top line. The latest PCW Report predicts Europe to come back to 44 Billion GBR from the 23 Billion it reported in 2020.

While unit economics are less favorable going forward, it will again put pressure on the financial hygiene of the businesses. Every dollar will count in large amounts for vacation and short-term rental professionals.

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