Red Shoes Talks #14: Climate change and sustainability in short-term rentals with Bob Garner & Stephen Neff

by | Aug 17, 2021 | Operations, Supply & Demand, Strategy

In this 14th episode of Red Shoes Talks, the vacation rental and short-term rental podcast, Simon Lehmann is joined by Bob Garner, Owner of Casal dei Fichi and Environmental activist, and Stephen Neff,  CEO at, a Swiss non-profit specialised in helping organisations to take positive actions towards sustainability.

In this fast-paced, insightful conversation, Simon, Bob and Stephen talk about:

  • the latest conclusions from the IPCC report on climate change, and its implications,
  • the state of short-term rentals when it comes to sustainability, and what could be done differently, 
  • what individuals and travellers can do at their own levels to change things for the best,
  • and so much more!


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Our guests today: Bob Garner and Stephen Neff

With the August 20211 release of the latest paper from the IPCC detailing the urgency of climate change in clearer – and more alarming – terms than ever, we asked ourselves how to best address this stark reality in short-term rentals. We invited Bob Garner and Stephen Neff, two of the most knowledgeable experts in vacations rentals and climate, to talk us through their conclusions.


Bob Garner

A vocal activist for sustainable short-term rentals, Bob set out to change travel into something more in line with what the world needs. 

He created Casal dei Fichi as an eco-friendly retreat hosted in a stunning converted farmhouse in the Marche region of Italy in 2004.

Recipient of the Excellence in Guest Experience from the Vacation Rental World Summit 2019, Bob’s passion for the planet and his guest is palpable at every stage of the journey.

Invested in a number of causes, Bob has also been the Chair of the Board of Trustees at Cruelty Free International, a leading animal welfare organisation for over 25 years, as well as the CR leader at The Climate Reality Project.

Stephen Neff

Stephen is the CEO at MyClimate, a Swiss non-profit company helping others organisations to take tangible actions towards being more sustainable.

A cleantech veteran previously tacking such issues as reduction of emissions, carbon offsetting and more, Stephen is an authority in the domain of climate change and sustainability solutions.

More importantly, he sees a way forward through, clear, actionable plans, from individuals to companies to governments.

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