Building an Exit-Ready Business – Tips & Lessons from Raincatcher & AJL Atelier

by | Mar 31, 2023 | Featured, Financial advisory

How to build an exit-ready business: our experts


An insightful and candid talk with Sarah Bradford, who recently sold the business she founded – Winter Park and Steamboat Lodging Companies – and Jason Thomas and Simon Lehmann, who helped her on the journey.

Sarah Bradford

Co-Founder and Former Owner of Winter Park & Steamboat Lodging Companies

Jason Thomas

Co-Founder and COO of Raincatcher

Simon Lehmann

Founder and CEO of AJL Atelier

Watch the talk on Building an Exit-Ready Business


Prepare your notebook, as Sarah Bradford, Jason Thomas and Simon Lehmann keep great, practical tips on how to get your business in a great shape for an exit – from a merger to an outright sale.

Some tangible tips to prepare your business for an exit:

  1. Define what your objective is – do you want to remain involved? If so how? What do you want to do next?
  2. Do a check with a personal financial advisor – define how much you’ll need so that you can
  3. Build a great team, and empower them ahead of time with strrategic decisions
  4. Keep them in the loop of the sale process – they need to know
  5. Get your metrics right, from unit economics to the overall profitability – make sure your CFO and CPA are top notch
  6. Optimize your portfolio to streamline it down to the units that are most profitable
  7. Get the right attorney and advisors – it is a stressful process, you need specialists

And much, much more in the talk!

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