Red Shoes Talks #17: Trust & Safety in STR – All Star Panel

by | Feb 8, 2022 | Short-term rental news, Strategy

In this 17th episode of Red Shoes Talks, the vacation rental and short-term rental podcast, AJL Atelier’s John An is joined by an all-star panel of short-term rentals trust & safety experts: Ela Mezhiborsky, Co-Founder and CPO of, Humphrey Bowles, CEO & Co-Founder of SuperHog, Chris Maughan, CEO of I-PRAC and Murat Sonmez, Ph.D., Founder & CEO of

In this episode they talk on Clubhouse (and Zoom) about the latest trends in guest trust and how to best establish that trust and de-risk each and every reservation, the evolution of Airbnb privacy policies and the rationale behind it, how to best root out preconceptions and biases in short-term rentals and much, much more.




Ela approached her latest venture,, in much the same way as she approaches any challenge: with relentless focus, indomitable energy and a contagious bonhomie which belies the data-driven strategist and growth leader she truly is.

Born from her frustrations with the shortcomings of existing guest-screening technology, is designed to automatically check for risky reservations (party organisers, bad payers…) and take the pain out of verifying that guests are actually who they say they are.



A short-term rental veteran of many years, Humphrey grew his career through luxury property manager One Fine Stay & Risk Consultancy Protivity. 

He started Guardhog and SUPERHOG by blending his expertise in insurance, risk and vacation rentals, offering services to property managers to screen guests and insure themselves for every stay to build trust and de-risk the business of welcoming strangers in one’s home.



In 2016, Chris founded I-PRAC with Mary TANGALE, and their vision to protect travellers from rental fraud finally came to life.

I-PRAC is a global verification platform for short-term rental agencies and property owners, and is proving to disrupt the sector, for the better.



A consumate tech and risk expert, Murat has led large tech infrastructures and continues to consult on many a cutting-edge field, from crypto and blockchain to AI and the sharing economy.

He is especially passionate about trust in short-term rentals, and started to apply the scalability and objectivity of artificial intelligence to trust metrics.

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