Cambon Partners and AJL Atelier respond to wave of short-term rental financial transactions

by | Mar 27, 2023 | Featured, Financial advisory

Responding to an unprecedented level of mergers & acquisitions (M&A) and fundraising in the short-term rental (STR) and vacation rental (VR) space, the leading travel boutique investment
bank Cambon Partners and leading STR /VR consulting firm AJL Atelier have formed an official partnership to offer a combined service to companies looking to buy, sell or fundraise.

Working with both travel supplier and travel tech companies of all sizes within the STR & VR space, this partnership follows the two companies collaborating in 2023 on activity such as a $63m fundraising for luxury villa rental platform Le Collectionist and the sale of vacation rental software company Avantio.

In addition to leveraging each other’s knowledge and client base, their combined resources mean they will now have a wide network of offices across Europe, including Paris, Zug, Barcelona, Istanbul and London – as well as covering APAC andAmericas fromtheir Shanghai and Miami offices.

Both companies are experiencing unprecedented levels of interest in their services – driven by the end of COVID unleashing high levels of M&A activity previously put on hold– and based on current clients aim to close up to 10 deals this year together.

Morgann Lesné, Partner at Cambon Partners comments: “Almost certainly 2023 will go down in history as the biggest ever year for financial transactions in the short-term rental and vacation rental space. By combining our many years of M&A and fundraising experience with AJL Atelier’s unparalleled knowledge of the space, we aim to capitalize on this on behalf of our clients looking to buy, sell or fundraise and thus become Europe’s leading financial advisors in this sector.”

Simon Lehmann, CEO of AJL Atelier adds: “Within the short term rental and vacation rental space many factors are coming together to drive higher-than-ever-before numbers of financial transactions: not just the end of COVID, but as the space finally ‘comes of age’ consolidation is a natural next step, work- from-home and work-from-anywhere are pushing demand, and the reopening of outbound Chinese tourism is now making things even more exciting.”

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