What they say about AJL Atelier

 Clients and partners of AJL Atelier share their testimonials, reviews and comments on how we work and what we deliver.

Reviews and testimonials from short-term rental events organisers

Damian Sheridan, Founder of SCALE and the Book Direct Show

“Ivan Givelet from AJL Atelier spoke at our Exit Door event at the Short Stay Week in Barcelona in May 2023. His expertise in the subject was evident throughout and his delivery was both articulate and engaging.

We look forward to working with AJL Atelier and Ivan more in the future. Thank you.”


Vered Raviv-Schwarz, President and COO, Guesty

“At Guestyval 2023, the ‘Short-Term Rentals, Long Term Investments: Raising Funds in Today’s Economy‘ panel stood out as a highlight.

Guided by Simon Lehmann, CEO and Founder of AJL Atelier, the session offered a wealth of actionable advice, exploring the vital role of capital in shaping business decisions within the vacation rental industry against the backdrop of the current market environment. Simon’s expert moderation seamlessly navigated the diverse range of topics.

The dynamic interaction between the audience and industry leaders added an extra layer of depth, ensuring participants left the panel enriched.”


Mike Ortegon, Curator of Content and Speakers, Short Stay Summit

“For the past 3 years, Simon Lehmann has supported the Short Stay Summit, contributing as a speaker, skilled moderator and facilitator of dedicated deep dive master classes tailored to CEOs and executives of many Property Managers worldwide.

Simon has a great way of captivating the audience through his speaking engagements, moderating, and coaching sessions. His dynamic presence and delivery style consistently leave a lasting impact on the audience. Simon’s range of techniques ensures audience engagement, enabling him to address and tackle challenging questions that other may shy away from. You can be assured that Simon will deliver thought-provoking content with a fresh perspective.

Simon can be counted on to captivate, inspire and motivate the audience and leaving them with lasting impact.”


Emily Uligian, Manager, Education & Learning Services, VRMA

“Simon was a brilliant moderator for our 2023 event.

Coming back for the 2023 VRMA Executive Summit, Simon knew the importance of connecting the themes of various topics and engaging the audience throughout the event.

He spent time meeting with speakers and VRMA staff to ensure he was prepared to help us achieve the goal of the event.


Antonio Bortolotti, Host, Vacation Rental World Summit

“As the Godfather of the Industry, Simon is always a fundamental help to get you in touch with who really matters in the alternative accommodation space. His experience is unparalleled as well as his take and his pulse on the industry.

Simon’s ability to take the stage is second to none and I’m grateful for his contribution in taking the Vacation Rental World Summit to the next level.”


Lydia Kamicar, Director, Education & Learning Services, VRMA

In his role as facilitator of the 2022 VRMA Executive Summit, Simon Lehmann brought a high level of industry knowledge and professionalism to this growing event geared towards leaders at their companies.

Simon spent quality time with VRMA during the planning to build an impactful agenda featuring interviews with a variety of perspectives and the most relevant topics to this audience. Simon’s ability to connect with the audience was clear, tying themes back together and weaving the narrative of resilience and preparedness throughout.

As one attendee shared, “Simon was an exceptional moderator of the event


Steve Lefkovits, Executive Producer, Joshua Tree Conference Group (FLEX)

“Few people could frame the global business case for flexible rentals like Simon Lehmann, and none with his experience and credibility. And great presentation style.

His keynote for the Flexible Rentals Investment Conference was a masterpiece of historical context, current data, up-to-the-minute deal information and strategies and partners for success.

Our multifamily industry audience love him and eagerly sought him out afterward for more information. Very highly recommended.


Reviews and testimonials from consulting with short-term rental property management companies

Stephen Petasky, CEO, Luxus Vacation Properties

“Working with Simon and AJL Atelier has been transformative for Luxus Vacation Properties.

Simon’s industry expertise has sharpened our strategy and guided us through intricate business decisions. Our deep dive into the tech stack revealed critical must-have features, broadening our search, and leading us to select Guesty as our ideal property management system. Through Simon’s introduction, working with Ximplifi will give our finance team a much-needed edge in managing the complexities that come with growth and diversification.

Simon’s extensive connections have opened discussions with many industry innovators, including preliminary talks with LG, who has created a much-needed hotel-like television experience for the vacation rental industry. As we prepare for a successful Fall launch, we’re grateful and optimistic, thanks to the invaluable guidance from Simon and the AJL team.”


Andres Gomis & Begoña Martinez Giménez, Business Managers, Fidalsa International

“We are a family business, and we are rapidly scaling within the traditional holiday rental market in Spain.
At some point, we set out to reflect and, as we are both proud of our team and our values, we also realised that better practices and new processes could be implemented to improve the efficiency and performance of the team.
From the offset, Ivan and the AJL Atelier team first highlighted our strengths and weaknesses, but also those of the Fidalsa brand. We then identified all the areas to be improved in terms of organisational, operational, and internal communication, along with the adoption of technology according to our needs.
We initiated several projects and action plans to improve the coordination and productivity of the team, thus facilitating further expansion.


Sabrina Schweighofer, Co-CEO & Co-Founder, MadeComfy Rentals

After being working with AJL Atelier for more than two years, I can only recommend it to anyone in the STR and Hospitality Industry

MadeComfy has benefited from the targeted advice, the network and the expertise that the team at AJL Atelier has in the Short Term Rental industry. 

Over the last two years, AJL Atelier has contributed to the improvement of our systems and processes as well as the development of our business strategy that have helped us to thrive in difficult times.

One of the key differentiators of AJL vs other advisors we have worked with is the Industry experience that has allowed us to start and run our advisory relationship from a common ground adding immediate value to our business.


Alex Kotushin, CEO & Founder, StripViewSuites

We engaged AJL Atelier to analyze the company’s operations and help with our growth strategy.

We received an extensive overview of our business with all our weak and strong sides adequately pointed from expert perspective.

That helped us to choose the right path of business development and to address problematic aspects. Simon Lehmann demonstrated extensive knowledge of short-term rental operations and of the whole industry.

We will continue consulting on a regular basis just to make sure we go in the right direction.


Leslie Sionner, CEO, The Platinum Experience

The three days that Simon and his team at AJL spent with us were transformational. 

They took a deep dive into every aspect of our company and offered precisely relevant advice and counsel on how we should address our most pertinent and pressing challenges and opportunities.

Resulting from the time we spent with Simon we have made a number of fundamental decisions for our company.

Simon is able to contribute a lifetime of experience, a broad base of connections and a keen understanding of where the industry is today and where it is going.

As we are involved in such a rapidly evolving industry, it is vitally important to have access to a resource as relevant and timely as Simon and AJL.


Reviews and testimonials from short-term rental technology

Markus Feller, CEO, LikeMagic

“AJL Atelier has a profound overview & deep insights of the STR market both from a business as well as technical point of view.

The team excelled at helping us at LikeMagic to get a quick understanding how our solution can provide value to this attractive market. For this they pragmatically leveraged their significant network of leading experts.

Looking forward to jointly shaping the STR space & can highly recommend their services.”


Richard Lewis, SVP, LG - Zenit Electronics

The AJL team is extremely knowledgeable and able to provide a great deal of context relevant to the short-term rental market. They are highly professional were able to quickly bring us up to speed and guide us through every step of our project.

We would highly recommend them and will be using them again in the future!


François Gouelo, CEO & Co-Founder, Ensoconnect Inc.

AJL Atelier has changed our growth trajectory twice and helped us scale in a meaningful way – they provided strategic advice which led to a necessary pivot during the pandemic and refined our go to market strategy post-pandemic which led to us scaling to over 20,000 properties to date.

We would not be here today without the work done by the firm, Simon Lehman, Nicolas Galantini, and the rest of the AJL team. Having spoken to multiple consultants prior to engaging AJL Atelier, the key difference we’ve seen is that the firm will not hesitate to get their hands dirty.

They will do everything to really understand your business, your vision, your objectives, key results; and ultimately provide you with different paths. They are not just planners, but doers. When you engage AJL atelier, you get industry experts on your team, it’s as simple as that.


Steve Davies, CEO, Operto

Working with the team at AJL was a great experience.

We used them to kickstart our European expansion, initially as a launchpad in Barcelona, as well as via strategic guidance in markets outside our North American base.

Simon’s huge network and deep industry insights were invaluable, and the team a professional and knowledgeable group to work with.


Humphrey Bowles, CEO & Co-Founder, SUPERHOG

AJL Atelier has been a key partner of SUPERHOG from the start.

We have leveraged their in-depth knowledge and proven expertise in a hundred different ways, such as gaining a greater understanding of the STR ecosystem and the who-is-who in this complex, fragmented and ever-changing industry. 

In addition, the introductions have been of great value – AJL has a rolodex to give legendary David Rockefeller a run for his money! 

I am sure that without AJL, our successes would have been far less – we would be waaaaay back down the road rather than being the #1 trust and safety SaaS platform within the STR industry.


Christophe Salmon, Co-Founder & CEO, Revyoos

During the 2 days deep-dive with Simon we had the occasion to go over our business 360º, digging into details in any of the key aspects of our startup. It has been the occasion for us to validate, question and challenge many aspects of our business that helped us to go to the market in a much stronger way.

You can consider Simon and AJL team as a real partner that will give you all their knowledge and experience of so many years in the industry and a general vision all over the STR value chain. Their incredible portfolio of contacts is also a real chance to introduce you to other players from the industry to collaborate with. Can’t recommend them enough!


Ben Smith, Co-Founder & CEO, Check-in Scan

As a small tech startup in the vacation rental industry it can feel like you are a small fish swimming in a very big ocean.We decided to bring Simon in as we needed to consolidate our ideas, business strategy and get great insights into the VR marketplace/industry. The deep dive session and ongoing contact with Simon has been invaluable to us.

His passion to help and see entrepreneurs succeed was inspiring; he draws on an impressive professional business career & network of contacts. His approach is nonetheless firm & honest, and that’s exactly what we wanted.

My one regret? Not having got involved with Simon sooner. Highly recommended. Thank you.


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