The ultimate profitability solution for vacation rentals

AJL Profitability Solution is your complete solution to grow your short-term rental company sustainably. Its cost-based, profit-first approach is radically different, giving powerful pricing, insightful analysis, and revolutionary recommendations.

The future of pricing & modelling in short-term rentals

AJL Profitability Solution is the first all-in-one suite of tools to take a cost-based, profit-first approach. Where other tools focus on topline alone, we integrate your costs structure to price, analyse and predict accurately and sustainably. Profitability, sorted.

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Price for profit rather than just revenues: our algorithms take into account each property and each booking’s forecast revenue and costs before pricing

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We integrate, analyse and allocate your fixed and variable costs so as to give you a complete picture of your business, from topline to bottomline

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With powerful data and actionable insights, you can analyse profitability at portfolio or property level and predict where to grow next

68% of vacation rentals costs are variable

But most revenue management techniques optimise as if they were mostly fixed. Why? Because they use techniques inherited from hotels and airlines. AJL Profitability Solution is a radical new approach which embraces the variability of short-term rentals’ costs.

How AJL Profitability works

First, we help you configure properties and costs; pricing is refined, predictive modelling is activated.; Second we analyze the sales performance on a daily basis and provide pricing recommendations right away. Third, you can access your business’ key metrics and forecast, in near real time and understand the effects of strategical decisions on your bottom line.

This analytical approach enables you to understand the sustainability of the cost structure of your business and to formulate the right strategy in terms of profitability.

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Onboard your business

Gather all the relevant data for our proprietary algorithm to analyze your business, from your properties’ DNA to the costs you manage and how you manage them, we will leave no stones unturned on the road to profitability.

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Configure your business

We help you configure your portfolio and your business cost structure. Pricing is refined, and the power is unlocked: predictive modelling, forecasting, profit potential estimates…

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Decide strategically

Access your key business metrics from topline to bottomline in custom dashboards, and take strategic decisions with 100% of the info, rather than 60%.

Sneak peek at AJL Profitability features list

AJL Profitability Solutions answers your most burning questions, from the big picture “what’s our forecast profit for next month” to the details “what’s the best contract model for this new lead”. All in one place. All in one tool.

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We're vacation rental experts

Leading and emerging firms in the travel and property industries have called on our expertise to reach their goals. From strategic reviews to mergers and acquisitions, and through every possible lever of profitable growth.

Team AJL Atelier - Simon Lehmann CEO & Founder


Founder & CEO, Keynote Speaker, Board Member, Serial Angel Investor

Team AJL Atelier - Cristina Lehmann Head of People & Founder


Founder, Head of People & Administration

Team AJL Atelier - Nicolas Galantini Senior Account Manager


Vacation Rental Consultant & Senior Account Manager

Team AJL Atelier - Ezio Alabanese Pricing Expert


Profitability Solutions Architect, Tech & Pricing Expert

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Amazing experience collaborating with AJL

"During the 2 days deep-dive with Simon we had the occasion to go over our business 360º, digging into details in any of the key aspects of our startup. It has been the occasion for us to validate, question and challenge many aspects of our business that helped us to go to the market in a much stronger way.

You can consider Simon and AJL team as a real partner that will give you all their knowledge and experience of so many years in the industry and a general vision all over the STR value chain. Their incredible portfolio of contacts is also a real chance to introduce you to other players from the industry to collaborate with. Can't recommend them enough!"

Christophe Salmon, Co-Founder & CEO



Simon is always fundamental

“As the Godfather of the Industry, Simon is always a fundamental help to get you in touch with who really matters in the alternative accommodation space. His experience is unparalleled as well as his take and his pulse on the industry. Simon’s ability to take the stage is second to none and I’m grateful for his contribution in taking the Vacation Rental World Summit to the next level."

Antonio Bortolotti, Host

Vacation Rental World Summit


Helped us to choose the right path

"We engaged AJL Atelier to analyze the company's operations and help with our growth strategy.

We received an extensive overview of our business with all our weak and strong sides adequately pointed from expert perspective.

That helped us to choose the right path of business development and to address problematic aspects. Simon Lehmann demonstrated extensive knowledge of short-term rental operations and of the whole industry.

We will continue consulting on a regular basis just to make sure we go in the right direction"

Alex Kotushkin, CEO & Founder



The keynote was a masterpiece

“Few people could frame the global business case for flexible rentals like Simon Lehmann, and none with his experience and credibility. And great presentation style.


His keynote for the Flexible Rentals Investment Conference was a masterpiece of historical context, current data, up-to-the-minute deal information and strategies and partners for success.


Our multifamily industry audience love him and eagerly sought him out afterward for more information. Very highly recommended."

Steve Lefkovits, Executive Producer

Joshua Tree Conference Group (FLEX)


The approach is firm & honest: exactly what we wanted

“As a small tech startup in the vacation rental industry it can feel like you are a small fish swimming in a very big ocean.We decided to bring Simon in as we needed to consolidate our ideas, business strategy and get great insights into the VR marketplace/industry. The deep dive session and ongoing contact with Simon has been invaluable to us.


His passion to help and see entrepreneurs succeed was inspiring; he draws on an impressive professional business career & network of contacts. His approach is nonetheless firm & honest, and that’s exactly what we wanted.


My one regret? Not having got involved with Simon sooner.


Highly recommended. Thank you."

Ben Smith, Co-Founder & CEO

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What better way to open a conference

“Thank you so much for opening the ASSC’s 2019 Conference with your keynote presentation. It was the ASSC’s biggest-ever conference to date, looking at Self-Catering: a Bright Global Future.


What better way to open the conference.  The presentation was inspiring, amusing and thought provoking and it's clear that Simon is a key leader in the field, with unparalleled passion and knowledge about the industry.

Feedback from attendees praised the delivery and content, with one who even "wished it was longer."


There is no doubt that our members would have taken away some key messages for consideration."

Fiona Campbell, Chief Executive



AJL Atelier has been transformative for our business

“The Executive team at Jetstream has been beyond thrilled since we started working with Simon and Nicolas at AJL Atelier.

Sensing a shift in the travel-technology side of the short term rental market dynamics post-COVID, we felt it essential to redefine our strategic ideas and assumptions for the future. Working with AJL Atelier is a very unique and highly valuable blend of executive coaching, strategic planning, as well as access to a vast and high-caliber network throughout the industry. Simon has an innate ability to listen, understand, assess, and then draw connections and parallels across the industry.


His thoughts and guidance then help drive us to rethink, and ultimately focus on what makes us incredibly unique. It is clear that Simon’s extensive experience together with his network within the industry provides us tremendous further growth opportunities.


We’re confident the value we are deriving from AJL Consulting is and will continue to be transformative for our business"

Executive team



AJL is a great business companion

“Our initiative to engage with AJL Atelier for a strategic deep dive is proving to be the best we could have done at La Isla Vacation Rentals. The COVID crisis confronted us with a new scenario with tremendous threats, but at the same time brought highly unexpected opportunities. On one hand, we are facing threats to the whole global economy, and we were seeing how great vacation rentals business models were failing; but on the other, we were seeing how certain destinations were having unprecedented surges of demand.


Simon was instrumental to help us realize what are our real strengths and weaknesses. He confronted our assumptions with facts and enriched the analysis in every aspect of the business with experiences by others in many places around the world. Now that we have defined the RIGHT THINGS to do, we are ready to use their help to DO THEM RIGHT.

AJL extensive knowledge of the industry and rich access to technologies will be key to our fast and effective execution of our New Business Plans. AJL is a great Business companion."

Alejandro Garza, CEO

La Isla Vacation Rentals