State of the nation: short-term rentals after 8 months of pandemic

Industry expert, Simon Lehmann, takes stock of the industry as it stands after the seismic shocks of 2020. ‘Staying home away from home’ has emerged as a valuable trend for short-term rentals and has fuelled the domestic markets, but if businesses are to grow in 2021...

VRWS 2020 Keynote by Simon Lehmann: profitability vs revenue, the road ahead for new business

AJL Atelier's very own Simon Lehmann was invited to the Vacation Rental World Summit 2020 to deliver a keynote on the right focus for property managers in this pandemic-impacted environment. His topic: profitability vs revenue, and why profit always takes precedence....

Whitepaper: why revenue is vanity and profitability is reality

The recent placement of Hostmaker under administration in the UK, lay-offs at Lyric and the media interest around OYO’s trouble to articulate extreme growth and profitability, is raising a lot of questions in the short-term rental industry. A lot of these questions...

Concentration in the vacation rental industry in 2020: what next

After a drive of consolidation in the industry during 2019, the pandemic has slowed things down. What’s the likely landscape by 2021? The state of the short-term rental industry right now The recent placement of Hostmaker under administration in the UK, lay-offs at...

From food chain to value chain: consolidation of short-term rental tech ecosystem

Why is the next wave of consolidation in short-term rental likely to be on the tech ecosystem, and what it will look like

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